Kissable-lip hacks!

If you are tired of having dry, cracked, peeling, or chapped lips, there are some things you can do to help them. Caring for your lips requires you to keep them healthy both inside and out. To get the healthy lips of your dreams you should treat them gently and use protective products on them. You should also care for your overall health, so that your lips stay in good condition.

Piel Potion specializes in Lip-care products,which will help you have your dream lips!

Here is a list of steps that you should follow,

  1. Exfoliate your lips regularly. Scrub your lips gently at least thrice a week to keep them soft and supple. Our Lip-scrubs consist of essential oils, vitamin-e oil, butters, carrier oils, cane and brown sugar particles, etc that will remove the dead skin cells from the lips, revealing the healthy and pink under-layers of the lips. We have Lip-scrubs in three yummy flavors:

 -Cinnamon Vanilla


         -Sugar Cookie 


2. Hydrating your lips is essential. Do not forget to apply lipbalm. Keeping your lips                           moisturised all day long will prevent your lips from getting dark. It also has SPF and protects           your lips from UV rays. Piel potion’s lip balms are 100% natural lip moisturiser designed to               keep the lips soft and hydrated without the use of any chemical preservatives or additives.             We have lip balms in four different flavors:

                -Nutella                                                          -Berry                                                             


                     -Bubblegum                                                    -Peppermint



Final tips:

-Do not lick your lips regularly. Saliva will actually just dry them out. In fact, not only does it dry out the surface, it also creates a lot of damaging friction on the lips.

-Drink plenty of water–  Hydrating yourself will help your lips stay moist and healthy. Hydrated lips are less prone to crack or to becoming chapped. You should aim to drink between 2,200 and 3,000 ml of fluids every day.

Go on and pout your lips out!

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