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Piel Potion

Piel Potion today complete a year together as a brand. I love their variety of organic products especially their hair products. They are also launching a whole new range of products including the Aloe Vera Gel here ! Do check their page out for amazing discounts today.

Aloe Vera Gel: One of my top picks from their new range, this gel is extremely soothing on the skin and hair. Use it on your hair to make it softer or on your skin to treat a rash burn or acne. It completely cools your body, and provides relief on hot days or days after I use makeup up on my skin. It’s extracted directly from the aloevera plant, and has no color or odor.

Matcha Exfoliator: This products works wonders on your skin especially when it comes to removing dead cells and making your face look fresh and clean again. It works very well when you mix it with Rose water and apply. It has green tea and oats in it. To people who have used matcha/green tea products before, I don’t need to tell you how good it is.

The Piel Potion Hair Oil: This hair oil is a perfect pre wash remedy. If you have a hair loss problem especially because of chemical hair treatments and color, this could be the solution you are looking for. The ingredients are fenugreek, amla, bringraj, neem, curry leaves, coconut oil, hibiscus leaves and hibiscus flower.

The Peppermint Lipbalm: As the name suggests, this has a smell of peppermint but is light to apply and super effective. This has shea butter, vitamin e, jojoba oil, coconut and olive oil. The shea butter is a natural SPF.

The Hair Pack: This is easy to apply. Mix it with water and apply it as a pack before shampooing or conditioning. It cleanses the hair properly and makes it softer after the first wash itself. This has shikkai, soapnut, fenugreek, amla, neem, rose, green gram, bringraj, vetiver, moringa, hibiscus leaves and hibiscus flowers.

Check out Piel Potion for great offers today.

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